Wooden worktop

Drewniany blat kuchenny

Kitchens are increasingly being sold in parts, so that everyone can adapt to each position of cabinets and the type of material from which they are made. Such furniture is sure to get in stores promoting the latest designs and practical solutions, such as Ikea. However, there are still assembled cabinets, just select the size and type (shelves or drawers). But look closely szafkom that we have to design their own. Our task is to select the fronts, handles, countertop and cabinet inside equipment. The fronts and selection of the size of the drawers or shelves will not be such a problem as the very top. Why?

It is said that the top is the most important part of the kitchen furniture. Preparing for the meals, it is exposed to frequent contact with water and detergents. For what top should therefore decide to be fully satisfied with its functionality and resistance to harmful factors for him? If we focus primarily on the design, we need to rethink buying a wooden tabletop. Deck the superbly presented, adds a warm room, kitchen massacre which becomes more welcoming place. Deck, they must be made of wood as hard as possible, such as maple and oak. Some, though trying to be a step closer toward what fashionable, choose to exotic wood countertops as merabu or iroko. However, it should be added that the tops are characterized by the unfortunately high price.

For wooden top well bore contact with water must be properly impregnated. The wooden tops rubbed oil, paint or varnish it. However, this operation is repeated quite often, because the paint will simply be wiped out of it. This counter also reacts badly to contact with high temperatures. We can not directly on it without any bases or place pots, cups with hot drinks. As with all products have many advantages and disadvantages. Should therefore carefully consider whether we can endure these few minor flaws and treat yourself to a modern wooden top, which also is environmentally friendly.

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