We arrange private bathroom – how to choose a sink?

Urządzamy łazienkę – jak wybrać umywalkę?

There are many important things you should pay attention when choosing the right sink. If we pay attention, at least for some of them, there is a greater likelihood of practicality purchased fittings. Aesthetic leave but each one of them. In this article we will look at more of the function which is to meet the sink rather than how it looks. Although its appearance is closely related to how the bathroom will look as a whole. The bathroom is also used by all household members. It is therefore important that the equipment contained within it were practical. This is also the place where lighting has a sink and a mirror hung right over her. Start with the one which size should have a sink. The standard models of the width from 45 to 60 To the sink can be used in a convenient way, from the wall to the edge of the sink closest to us should be not less than 40 cm.


It should also do a little research on the types available on the market sinks. Classic versions of them available for decades are those that are attached directly to the wall. Often buys them a special cubby, which allows you to hide the trap. Another option is a bit more modern undercounter sinks, the one that lets the top specially prepared tables. However, the most popular are the bench-top. As the name implies they are placed directly on the countertop. The latter we have the most modern shapes and colors to choose from. However, choosing a sink, note what is not so much of its nature and the material from which it was made.


Not recommended for sinks made of tempered glass and stainless steel. Although ostensibly are designed to be used as a sink are not very practical. Quickly give itself felt in the form of seepage water and the glass can be easily scratched and even upholstery. Choosing not sink so just follow her appearance!

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