Warm bathroom floor

Ciepła podłoga w łazience

Surely most of us like to have a warm underfoot, especially when the weather outside the window is not very interesting. Bathrooms have this in common, that contained inside the floor is composed mainly of platelets, which unfortunately keep cold – it is particularly difficult and not pleasant winter. The temperature in the bathroom, however, should be the same as in other areas in our apartment or house – which is about 25 degrees. Choosing a floor warming system is certainly not a cheap case, but guaranteed comfort may decide to take a decision on the installation. This type of installation can be very useful for people with small children who like to splash in the bath. In the case of underfloor floor warming system quickly dries.

However, as already mentioned, it is not a cheap investment, but for most of us worth all the money, in order to get the comfort and warmth under your feet when you leave such a bath or shower. This type of heating can be done in two ways: electric and water. Certainly, electric heating comes on quite expensive, so a cheaper choice is underfloor heating Water boiler fueled mostly by natural gas, oil or solid fuel. There is no doubt, however, that the installation of such heating is more complicated and more expensive than electric heat. A good solution is retrofitted to the existing pipes, central heating – preferably one that heats the whole house, if we have a house heating fuel or coal.

Należy jednak mieć w pamięci fakt, iż należy zamontować na powrocie pętli specjalny zawór, które będzie ograniczał temperaturę płynącej wody, dzięki czemu nie uzyskamy efektu gorącej podłogi – temperatura nie będzie wyższa niż w w innych pomieszczaniach.

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