Step into modernity – Mezzanine

Krok do nowoczesności – antresola

Are you wondering about what you could change in your apartment that you enjoyed not only the functionality but also the latest design? Jeśli twoje mieszkanie, nie zadowala cię swoim metrażem, ani zbyt dużą wysokością, możesz je trochę ”skrócić”. But how? Bet on the mezzanine, even this small. Let it be a place where you can enjoy a coffee in peace, and to create a home library. Our apartment, not just gain a few extra yards, but also will be one step closer to modernity. If you can create an entire floor, try to get a few meters even for a small table and chair. Let this be a special place just for you.

Remember that the mezzanine is not separated from the rest of the apartment any wall. It should smoothly connect to the rest of the apartment. However, to our landing was safe, it should be separated balustrade. This is to avoid dangerous accidents. If you do not appeal to you, a bookcase or own place to drink coffee, think about whether you could not take a sleeping there? It will be a place of intimate, accessible only to you. This is a good solution for people who lack the rooms in the house. Another proposal would be to create garments, and for those who work at home – home office. Construction of a mezzanine is not a simple task. Due to the load of furniture and people staying at the top, it must be solidly constructed. A good choice would be commissioned its construction specialist company in this business.

We were then assured that our apartment is not only modern but also safe. Mezzanine but it also has its drawbacks, as did everything. For those who do not like large temperature variations, a mezzanine is not indicated. During the winter, the warm air coming from the radiator rises to the top. The floor is always so much warmer. Flat heating in winter remember about sustainable power heaters. Then the excess heat for sure we will not be bothered.

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