Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic

Each of us dreams of creating the perfect interior. However, we can not delude ourselves that everything can be done for a spin. The interior of the care and putting the finishing touches many years. We can not at the same time you buy all the decorations. We also need to think about the direction in which we aim to inept mixing styles, not to create kitsch. Popular in recent times is the Shabby Chic style. Explaining these two words into Polish obtain reimbursement – jagged and elegant. The style is dominated by roses, combined with white. Additives are allowed, but only in pastel colors. This style puts on a pedestal renovation of old furniture with the interior.

Adequate their renovation, make that will add charm to any room. This can be destroyed furniture so that only suitable for disposal. Their charm is how crack and fissure giving testimony about their long-term use. Dominant color in this style is white, coupled with pastel pink, blue, and green almond. To renew an old dresser or table, we must first of all well-sanded surface. Do not try to mask the cracks, because in them the charm. Sometimes just a piece of furniture painted with clear varnish. The sofa and bed, we can decorate the whole mass of pillows of different shapes and materials. Key in this case their quantity. Remember that taking a renovation, you can not go too far, that the work is finished furniture looked not renewed. That is not the purpose of this style.

Other decorations are welcome candles and decorative lanterns. Shabby Chic style, also indulges in lace and embroidered napkins. The vase, beautifully will komponowaƂy fresh roses, do not continue to give to their withering! Zasuszmy and Let’s put back into the vase. A months you are ready for such a change of style? If you’re not brave enough to change your living room start from the bedroom. Shabby Chic will help you create a very romantic and relaxing interior!

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