Scandinavian Style

Styl skandynawski

The interior design of your apartment to choose the style that we want to achieve. Unprofessional combining multiple styles can give the effect of unwanted kitsch. So when we make the right choice now, stick to the rules prevailing in it. However, many of us do not really know what is expected from its interior. So let’s carefully examine each of the possible styles. Before the series extends Scandinavian style. It impresses with its simplicity and white sprawiającym feeling cold inside. Styl skandynawski, jest obecnie jednym z najbardziej pożądanych stylów nie tylko w Polsce ale i w całej Europie. If you want to decorate your apartment just like that, you should follow some important rules.

First of all, it should stand up to the aesthetics and very important functionality. Furniture should be clear, preferably white colors. This ensures that our apartment will be brighter and visually larger. Appropriate color is not just white, they can also be shades of cream and beige. Great find in a modest black accessories. Furniture should not be in any way be decorated or decorated by embossing or sculpting. Features of our interior should be as easy to seemed modest. Domestic hot Scandinavian interior add materials. Therefore Invest bed made of pleasant to the touch material. Other additives may be made of LNY, cotton and wool.

Also desirable are furniture made of wood, however, is not stained and oiled. In the oiled wood, can also be made floor. The turning point in our zapatrywaniu the Scandinavian style, you may browse catalogs featuring interiors done in that style. Despite the surprising simplicity of Scandinavian-style interior, we find in him a true soul. Then, perhaps, and you decide to change the existing style of your home.

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