Original panels

Oryginalne panele

Nothing attracts like a beautiful floor. We usually think that the floor is just the complement aranżacyjnego room decor, and not the main part of the room. In fact, a lot depends on what, from the floor. The original shape or pattern panels give unparalleled style and atmosphere, to any room. This modern floor, move us and our guests to a world of luxury.

A very important role played by color. Color floor must be reconciled with the dominant colors. In any case, you should not combine different shades of wood. Nie powinno się też na siłę kupować ‚prawie’ identycznego koloru podłogi jak meble. It is better to make a difference was evident, than poorly disguised. More sophisticated clients can afford anything other than typical panels, imitating a wooden plank. Recent patterns mimic panel tiles, laid in the so-called Christmas tree. Others, in no way resemble the wooden planks. The shape and modern design, they look just like the tiles. How to prevail, however, the tiles? They are mostly warm. Standing in a long time bare feet on the tiles, we can not even catch a cold. The situation is quite different in the case of such tiles. When you buy this type of panels, try to pay attention to the class of abrasion.

Such panels should have the abrasion class AC4, because due to daily use, the pattern could be wiped off. Noting the thickness of the panel, select those with a minimum thickness of 8 mm. Good quality companies manufacturing panels, provide for not even 15 year warranty. It is worth to know how many years we have to advertise the panels and behavior needed for the documents. Also pay attention to wind down, which will provide you with special plates, foam or plastic. Whether you decide to have one of the hottest new designs panels?

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