Living in the attic

Salon na poddaszu

If anyone ever said to you about the possible use of your living room in the attic will not potraktowalibyście this question literally, or to put it more clearly, too seriously. In essence, the idea seems pretty stupid, not to say that it interesting. Certainly, few people are opting for such a bold step by arranging the interior of your home. But there is no exaggeration in this, as in the attic can do practically everything, and he is increasingly confronted with the creation of more and more bold ideas – one of those ideas is the kitchen or bathroom in the attic. Living in the attic is possible to do so, especially when we divide it in half with an office or office space. But how should present a lounge on the upper stages of our house or apartment? – istnieją mieszkania dwupiętrowe, tzw. dependence.


In fact, living in the attic needs to have a clear arrangement, as this will visually enlarge the room – in fact attic is smaller than the bottom. Taking care of some interesting and original accessories, creating a cozy and warm inside – cold is not an option. During the construction phase should have remembered the large number of windows, which naturally will provide the enormity of our room light during the day. A good color in the living room can be white, although we realize that the color is embarrassing – especially in a home where children rule over.


In smaller rooms it is not worth putting on a cold and elegance, but rather for the thermal and the appropriate arrangement of the furniture. It was good to take advantage of upholstered armchair or sofa strawberry convenience. Do not forget, however, that the beauty salon space to achieve owing to modernity and ciepłocie accessories.

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