Glass Wall

Szklana fototapeta

Zastanawiałaś się może, jak wykończyć swoje ściany by dodawały wnętrzu ”tego czegoś”, by nie stanowiły zwykłego tła dla mebli tylko były częścią dekoracji? Decorating their paintings or hanging flower pots, can move us to the ancient era. Modern woman, who wishes to bring to your interior newest design needs more than a picture on the wall. Decorators We understood the needs of creating wallpapers. Murals are a hit this season and you will find it in the most fashionable interiors. But how to deal with this type of position wallpaper in the bathroom or kitchen? Even found a solution to these problems.

Currently we can not afford to mountain views in the bathroom and flowering meadows in the kitchen. In this case, it will be a mural painted on the glass. This type wall murals are resistant to adverse conditions that prevail in the kitchen and bathroom – the heat and humidity. This type of wall finish, will add charm to the whole of our interior. If your shower is not one of those built, can be placed anywhere on the wall of your choice theme wallpapers glass. And what can be said about the type of finish of the walls in the kitchen? The glass version is not only resistant to moisture and heat but also easy to clean. Osoby lubiące ‚dopieścić’ swoje wnętrze mogą zdobyć się na podświetlenie tapety sznurami ledowymi.

You do not have to worry about that theme on the glass is destroyed, it is printed directly onto the glass which minimizes the damage. In the kitchen, it is best to put the wallpaper on the kitchen counter along its entire length and the height should reach cupboards. As for the theme, here we have a great freedom. They can be all sorts of geometric patterns, landscapes or even your own pictures by. Glass wall mural is a great option for many interiors. Think about that and you can not afford this type of decoration.

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