Effective paint the walls

Efektywne malowanie ścian

There are many different ways that can beautify our walls for example, when going down the hall and moving the stairs to the next floor. There are plenty of ways, but we will discuss one of them – an impressive inscription on the walls. Certainly, as painted walls give effective way of decorating the walls – with the idea that it is extremely cheap and original in its premise and simplicity. Subtitles should be written in a completely foreign language to us – surely this can not be the native language (in this case Polish – because usually it is more stylish and original in the final decision.

How to do this kind of string? For example, you can execute it with a wet cotton pad and acrylic paint to słojowania. At the moment when we are 100 percent convinced of the correctness of written text and a nice writing style, we can write the text by hand. In another case, one should use such as overhead sign directing where you want them. In the end, the resulting text will be more careful and regular – the projector can be rented at some rental stores. To decorate our walls will also need: acrylic emulsion, transparencies, acrylic varnish to słojowania, cosmetic pads on a stick, satin acrylic paint, brush or roller, marker, a soft bristle brush, a projector, a brush to paint.

When I prepare all the necessary materials and tools, we can proceed to perform the work. At first we put primer, which we leave to dry. Later, by a projection display a text or write it simply handwritten on plain film marker. Later step is to impose on the wall paint to słojowania. Subsequently then be applied to a plastic sheet and adjusting the projector in a suitable manner until the desired effect on the activities of the wall. Then, after drying paint used secure the entire wall with the inscription.

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